The Workling Difference: More needles, less haystack.

Today’s technology makes it easy to post a job on any of a thousand websites, and even easier to submit a resume. It’s no wonder that the average post gets 250 responses. Applicant tracking systems are great at screening out candidates whose resumes lack the appropriate keywords, but finding the right person is still like finding a needle in a haystack. You have better things to do with your time.

When you post a job on Workling, we find proven candidates (those elusive needles), and present them to you on a platform that puts you back in control of the hiring process.

Our process begins by verifying a candidate’s skills

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    Candidates build out their Workling profiles and supplement the experiences on their resumes with specific skills and levels, their availability, location, home time zone, and salary requirements.

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    Workling vets candidates through position-appropriate skills assessments.

    General assessments verify every candidate’s proficiency in both spoken and written English, test their abilities in logic and reasoning, and assess personality characteristics.

    Job-specific assessments verify the basket of skills a candidate has based on their role and experience. For example: An advanced level .NET developer confirms his knowledge through assessments ranging from general Back End developer tests, to more specific tests such as .NET, advanced logic, algorithms, design patterns, SQL and other databases, etc.

    Each candidate has a “Workling Score” based on the average score on their assessments. The higher the score, the stronger the candidate, it’s that simple.

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    Workling candidates are committed to doing their best work for you because they have invested time and energy into proving their skills.

    Candidates are typically assigned 10-30 assessments.

    Each assessment takes 10-40 minutes to complete.

    Candidates know that the better they do, the higher their profile with top companies like yours.

When you post a job on Workling

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    You identify the key skills, experiences, and characteristics which will determine employee success.

    Our matching algorithm searches every data point of every candidate profile in our database.

    You instantly receive a shortlist of candidates whose skills, experiences, and Workling Scores best match your criteria based.

    After reviewing their profiles, you can invite any or all of these shortlisted candidates to participate in your hiring process. If interested in your opportunity they will formally apply and you are off and running with a vetted candidate in a fraction of the time.

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    Once a job post goes live, two more things happen:

    Our matching algorithm sends your post to those who are strong a strong match.

    It becomes searchable by any candidate in our system Every application has a Workling score and profile attached to make it easy for you to process.

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    Track your hiring process with our Recruiting funnel. As new applications are submitted Workling adds them to your funnel sorted by their strength of match.

    The Recruiting Funnel helps you:

    Contact candidates using our handy chat system.

    Organize, prioritize, and move candidates through each stage of the recruiting funnel.

    Conduct video interviews.

    Use the “Hire” button to make an offer to your chosen candidate. The candidate will be asked to review the offer details and either accept or negotiate your offer.